Room Rates

Rates are listed per person, per night, including taxes. Rates include: hotel room, all-inclusive food and beverage, round-trip direct transportation from the airport and back, and all the Xcaret parks and excursions. Rates do not include airfare. Groups are required to stay a minimum of 3 nights per room.

Guest Room Payment Schedule:

Payment Schedule.PNG
  • All reservations will be made using our online booking page with travel planner Yellow Umbrella Events 

  • Guests can make payments towards their reservation at any time and may pay their balance in full at any time, so long as they do so prior to or on the designated payment dates

  • All payments will be made through our travel planner, Yellow Umbrella Events

Click here for details, photos, and a 360° view of each room type.

As you browse, please note the following:

  • Child rates are for ages 6-17

  • Maximum occupancy for each room is 3 adults or 4 people if there is a combination of adults and children 

  • Casa Fuego is an adults-only building and is exclusive to Casa Fuego guests (other guests will not be permitted to visit your room)

  • Casa Fuego suites include a butler throughout your stay

  • Junior Suite categories include private instead of shared airport transfers, as well as a butler throughout your stay and a 50-minute massage for two at Muluk Spa